Benefits of Having Enough Sleep

You have heard that enough sleep is very crucial to your health, but many researchers do not tell you how you benefit when you sleep. Due to this many people do not have any idea what they lose when they fail to catch up with their bedroom sessions. Also, many consider it a waste of time and prefer doing something that they think is constructive. Trust me, you have been losing more than what you think you are gaining. To prove my point right here are some advantages of you having enough sleep over the other 24-hour economy takers.

Improves your Memory

Brains were created like engines but the only difference is that the engines require petrol to fuel them but the brain requires blood and refreshment. As you refill your car tank, you make your engine new and robust. But how do you refill our minds? We can only do it by having a small rest were your brain is not thinking of anything else and the best time is when you are asleep.
Research conducted a few years back showed that children and even workers who sleep for a maximum of seven hours were very good at memorizing and even remembering their zip codes whenever asked. You may be working 24/7 earning but your brain capacity is dropping by 20% every year. As time goes by you find that you cannot remember anything and reversing your brain to normal is impossible.

Burn Excess Fats

Enough rest, especially at night, increase the rate at which Leptin hormone is released into your blood system. Leptin hormone is the one that helps one to burn excess calories in the body. Leptin is said to be produced when your body is at rest and the only rest time that we were talking about is during your night sleep. Also, it is said that if you have four hours sleep every night you are at risk of being obese at 71%.

For those late sleepers who get five hours sleep, their rate is running at 50%, and while those people who sleep for six hours are at risk of being obese. The percentage varies due to the rate at which Leptin is released into your body. They went further and proved that when you sleep for seven hours you hormone Leptin will be enough to break down all your extra fats and keep at a normal rate.

Fade Away Stress

Stress is one of the major killers in today’s world you need at all cost to remove or relieve yourself from any source of stress. Having a night sleep will help your mind to rest and forget about the day’s struggle. And by doing this you will have made your mind clear that nothing troubles you. Research shows the 24/7 economy takes suffers a lot from stress depression and end up living a miserable life that cost them a lot. This is something that you can avoid and in a simple way. Only seven hours in your bed can make you enjoy the rest of your life.…

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